Why Brands Should Have Video in their Digital Marketing Plans?

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Content is critical today to all brand strategy that brands are developing or working on. Content takes various shapes but the most powerful type of content that is driving engagement and word of mouth for brands is Video.

Videos with great content help a brand break the clutter and stand out. The powerful combination of visuals and sound with great stories are key to digital success. Videos have become very powerful tools of communication in this digital world more so with the younger consumer segments in India and globally. This would be why the world reportedly watches around 1 billion hours of YouTube video per day. Hence as a brand, if you are not producing videos or thinking of doing so, you are losing out on a big opportunity for your brand.

Online consumption of video in India has grown over 500% in the past 18 months. According to a recent survey, Indian viewers are watching online video content for an average of eight hours, 28 minutes each week, more than the time they spend viewing TV every week. This shows how important video content is becoming for brands as part of their marketing & digital strategy.

In India, Video consumption has also leap frogged thanks to lower costs of smartphones, data costs and the Jio factor. So Indian consumers across the country, metro or rural are enjoying consuming video content and spending time doing so like never before.

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Video with visuals and sound have a stronger appeal compared to any other medium for its ability to share a story, be informative, educate or share useful information in a more interesting, engaging, emotional powerful way. But importantly, creativity around how content is created and developed plays a crucial role in video consumption and its increasing appeal to consumers.

Which makes Video a very important and powerful communication tool for brands to reach and address consumers with a message in this cluttered media environment. There are various Ad Platforms that brands can use for videos ranging from YouTube to Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn depending on the type of Video you produce and the audience you want to reach.

There are different types of video content, but not all of them work well for every brand. This is why you must have a structured video marketing strategy to be effective.

Below are popular type of video content that helps find, attract and engage consumers or your audience:

1. The Company Introduction Video

The Company Introduction Video is primarily for introducing your company as a brand or showcase the portfolio of products and services your company provides to end consumers. It can share what the brand or company is all about and what services you offer

2. The Product Video

The Product Video is ideal for showcasing your products and services. These videos allow potential customers to see your products at their own convenience. Such videos highlight the consumer benefits and why consumers should buy the product or avail the service

3. The Customer Testimonial Video

A customer testimonial video helps create credibility and validation for future customers. This attracts your audiences, offers them a human story and a real person connect. It appeals to consumers when someone like them has used the product or service and is happy about it. This is a very powerful persuasive tool for brands

4. The How-To-Demo Video

The How-To-Demo video is helpful to share with consumers how to use a product or service to simplify its usage. This works best for products and services which have multiple steps to follow before using it and unless the same is not followed the product may not work or benefit may not be seen. Such videos help consumers who use the product with no friction or even help them buy it because there is a video that helps them understand how to use it without which they may find it difficult to use and hence not buy.

Video is growing rapidly and this growing consumption and engagement is what is driving brands to do online video advertising.

Top benefits of using videos in marketing:

1. Videos are powerful conversion tools and can directly impact sales over time with its ability create higher engagement and help brands be Top of Mind amongst consumers

2. Videos build trust because of its ability to communicate through visuals and sound, the benefits of the product or service a brand offers. Seeing relatable people using the product and the script around which the video is built helps in building trust amongst consumers. It is critical to be real and relevant in video marketing

3. Videos are high priority for mobile users. Video and mobile are a marriage made in heaven. Video and mobile go hand in hand. 95% of consumers watch videos on their phones. YouTube mobile video consumption is growing over 100% every year. Rapid growth of smartphone users and decreasing costs of data is leading to a rapid growth of mobile video consumption. Which is a great opportunity for brands making videos an even more powerful tool even on the go.

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