Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning & Buying

Digital Media Planning and Buying are very critical components of every digital media strategy and plan. Having the right messaging or value proposition is great but unless you place the communication or ad at the right place and show it to the right target set of consumers, the whole media strategy can be a wasted effort.

We offer digital media planning and buying across all digital media assets. Our media planning is based on marrying the complexity of identifying the right set of customers we want to target, with the right Ad platforms. So that communication is well received by the right audience, resulting in higher probability of desired outcomes and actions for the brands.

With the right Ad Platforms and placements within media channels you and placements you shortlist for clients,to ensure all plans deliver the most effective media mix for the campaign KPIs and target audience. All plans are customized and not a template. We always strive to make budgets work as hard as they can. Campaigns are continuously optimised and change is key – if something isn’t working, we change it. No budget is small or too big. We customise and create plans basis what is right for the specific brand to achieve the results it wants to over a period of time.

Our process and ideation in digital media planning & buying is the same for every client irrespective of size of budget. The process involves getting to know the objectives and priorities of the brand as well as getting to know more about the brand offering and its prospective customers. A good understanding of all of this helps us decide the various key parts of the media plan and buying media based on that.

Media planning and buying in digital advertising is never static. As we keep testing and seeing results post the initial plan and will make changes as required to ensure effectiveness and ROI on money spent.