Why Partner With Us

Why Partner With Webbutterjam


The Digital World is fast changing and constantly evolving. To be part of this rapidly changing digital world and be able to contribute in a small way is very exciting and challenging as well. We do this by partnering with brands at various stages of their digital life cycle and help them find their way through this digital maze.

Webbutterjam is a specialised Digital Marketing Company that provides brands with services like Web Strategy and Digital Marketing providing marketing solutions for brands based on their objectives and goals. Our expertise and experience in Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) / Pay Per Click ( PPC ) and other advertising solutions helps brands across industries identify the right audience, acquire new customers, engage them, build the brand and grow revenues.

Webbutterjam has an interesting thought behind its name. Today, every growing child irrespective of their location or profile of family have surely have had bread, butter and jam as an integral part of their daily diet growing up. Similarly, we believe the web today plays an extremely critical role and should be a critical part every brand's marketing diet irrespective of the size of company, category of business or size of budget. A brand simply cannot do without digital marketing today and we have drawn inspiration from this brand reality for our brand name too.

We focus on working with SMB's as they need the most help and guidance on developing their digital marketing plans. Our primary objective is to be a genuine digital partner to all our clients and provide them with digital marketing solutions aligned to meet their brand objectives. But as a partner, we not only focus on digital marketing,but also guide clients on their Digital & Ecommerce strategy and help them build their brands in the best way possible. And we do this in a transparent, professional and diligent way, supporting businesses when they need it the most.

Our Experience
We are a young company but have many years of experience in traditional marketing, brand building and importantly valuable eCommerce & digital marketing experience. Our expertise in digital marketing helps us align digital marketing initiatives to the overall marketing strategy of brands we work with. We believe traditional and digital marketing need to work together and not independently to be able to maximize the overall marketing effectiveness and deliver greater ROI for the brand. We also bring the unique experience of having been part of teams at successful start ups as well as large companies in the eCommerce industry. So we understand what a brand needs having been part of one and will draw from some of those experiences in helping brands we work with to develop their digital strategy and plans.

Our Team
Webbutterjam is led by a team of experienced digital marketing professionals and our founder Jiby Thomas. Jiby has over 25 years of work experience with 2 decades in the internet and eCommerce industry. Prior to starting Webbutterjam, Jiby was Co-Founder & Vice President, Marketing at Quikr. Jiby was involved in every stage of building the brand. Right from Founding Quikr as a company, coining the brand name ' Quikr ',to building the start up team. Jiby was also instrumental in designing the initial product specifications for the Quikr platform working with design, product & development teams and launching Quikr in 2008, making it India's largest horizontal classifieds platform in a short span of time.
Prior to Quikr, Jiby was a member of the eBay India Management Team and managed Kijiji, eBay's global classifieds business, in India. Jiby was a key member of the team that conceptualised and launched Kijiji in India in 2005. Prior to this, Jiby was part of the senior management team that launched and managed the eBay's Motors business - pioneering the concept of a B2B motors platform for dealers in India. He was also part of the founding team that launched baazee.com (later eBay India) in India in early 2000 managing various roles in marketing, operations and category management. Before the internet industry, Jiby was in Advertising at Contract Advertising - A WPP Group Company in India.