Digital Strategy & Consulting

Digital Strategy & Consulting

Most businesses don’t develop or have a clearly thought out digital strategy for their business . The whole process starts with the need to do something in the digital space as it is critical to do so today. Everyone is doing it, so we should go digital too. Which means effort, resources, money gets allocated and used without a direction and goal. A well thought out goal aligned to what the business objectives are or how digital can actually complement or enhance the business is crucial to kicking off the thinking to develop an optimal digital marketing strategy.

Where is the business today ? Is the business just starting out ? What is our brand or eCommerce strategy ? What is the goal you want to achieve ? How can digital strategy and a digital marketing plan help you achieve these goals are critical questions every company needs to answer. And we at Webbutterjam, help and work with you to see how best these questions can be addressed and help you develop a digital strategy and marketing plan.

In today’s digital world, growing a business comes with many challenges as well as opportunities that require a different strategy for every brand depending on what stage of brand life cycle they are, the category they are in and the competitiveness of the category. A digital strategy that has worked for one brand may not be right for another. And digital strategies also need to keep evolving in the dynamic environment all brands operate in.

So it is critical, that before any brand plans to start digital marketing and spend money, they have a clear well defined digital strategy that is holistic and works in sync with all other brand marketing initiatives and communication.

Webbutterjam's Digital Strategy & Consulting service is customized to the brands we work for. We work through a detailed 6 Step process designed to ensure a better understanding of the brand, their objectives and priorities. This rigorous process helps us arrive at the right digital strategy to achieve optimal results over time.

The framework we follow is a 6 Step Process. Which we discuss in detail with our clients, analyze data and information we collate, to get a better understanding of a brand's business, objectives and landscape it operates in. Helping us have all relevant information and data as we develop the digital plan.

Step 1. Is digital marketing aligned to the organisation's priorities and marketing objectives?
What is your expectation from digital as a medium? Is it core to the business? Do you need the web to build brand awareness or acquire new customers or both? Are you looking to build an eCommerce channel for your business? Are you a transaction business or planning a lead based model ?

Step 2. What are the goals that will define success for the business?
This involves identifying the key business metrics for your brand and the goals set for these metrics. This will be key in defining how you measure the overall success of the web strategy and the effective returns on your spends. However, metrics identified and weightage given may change based on the stage the brand is at. Whether sales growth is important or is it consumer awareness or is ROI critical. All this will also depend on the strategy of the brand.

Step 3. Who is your target segment?
Identifying the target consumer segments is crucial. Their profile, the way they seek information. Their interests and associations. Gadgets they potentially use and their media consumption habits are important when evaluating targeting options and Ad Platforms most suitable.

Step 4. What does the competitive landscape look like? What is the Maturity of the product or service category in the market we are operating ?
Who do you consider as key competitors and what is the level of competition ? What has been their digital strategy so far? How is our product or service differentiated from competition? What is the level of customer interest and online demand ? Has the category shown promise or growth or is it an early stage category ? Any key concerns we must keep in mind ?

Step 5. Is there any prioritization of markets or geographies?
This is where we need to know which markets we want to target. Are there are any micro markets that are more important than others and how we may need to allocate budgets accordingly. Is there any market data that gives us any insight on consumer buying in any markets we are targeting ?

Step 6. Digital Strategy & Plan
Our digital strategy and recommendation is the final step and is an outcome of the rigor and process we follow in all of the steps of our framework, the budget allocated and time frame for achieving milestones set. The plan will, based on the above also decide what elements of internet and digital marketing you need to include as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. The web platform, Social media, the sales channel strategy, customer support , logistics etc. The digital marketing plan will provide a clear roadmap to achieve your goals in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

So whether you are a small or mid sized business, product or service company based in India or in an International market, Webbutterjam works closely with you to identify your goals, digital strategy, key business metrics and collaborate with you to develop a plan that is well defined and clear from the start.

Contact Us and we are happy to talk and see how we could partner with you on this digital journey !