Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads

Why Businesses use Google Shopping Ads?

Today 80% of purchases or even more begin with an online search starting on Search Engines, mostly on the dominant Search Giant, Google. Google Shopping enables brands to showcase their products to relevant audiences when they search for products online on Google. Google shopping ads let’s you promote your products with an image, title, price, store name, description.

As a local brand, you can turn online shoppers into your store customers by getting your products visible in front of prospective customers. Encourage shoppers to trust your brand and products with ratings, promotions, and more through Google shopping ads.

Google shopping ads are a very useful Ad format for any eCommerce or offline brand company with an online presence wishing to increase sales. Google’s powerful search engine and targeting allow your ads to reach a highly relevant set of people already searching for products similar to what you are selling.

Google Shopping Ads bring you not just transactions with more visibility but offers an interesting relvant ad format to drive sales when consumers show intent to buy at early stages of the buying cycle. Google Shopping Ads increases your brand’s visibility online and combined well with Google Search can be a very effective sales tool.