Video Advertising

Video Advertising

The ad tech industry is changing its forms and formats from plain text to augmented reality campaigns. While digital video ads are not new, their significance has grown in the last few years. A key driver being desktop and mobile devices becoming more accessible, affordable and sophisticated, so people are spending more time consuming digital media.

Among these, video formats are unique, as they are highly immersive and accessible at the same time. With tons of video content and advanced technologies, digital video advertising is becoming one of the fastest-growing display advertising formats.

Digital video advertising is a part of digital advertising that displays video ads - either standalone or within online video content. This includes lots of formats designed for various environments, such as banner video, connected TV, or other OTT services.

One can choose among many display video ad formats .Video marketing is useful for all sorts of business goals starting from building brand awareness, to a brand launch to increasing sales and revenues Videos have quickly become the most effective advertising format and television is losing its popularity, and the internet video advertising rapidly growing.

While most of us are used to video advertising in the format of TV commercials, it wasn't so common for marketers to rely on video up until the mid-2000s. In the world of digital advertising, the video started to get more attention only in 2005 with YouTube ..

The current landscape includes tons of digital video advertising sites, social media, mobile app , Mobile Games, connected Tv - consumers embrace videos and high-quality content, so the list is only getting longer.

While display ads are doing an excellent job informing users about a particular brand or product, they are not nearly as effective as videos in building relationships with users. The combination of visuals, sounds, and motion creates a unique opportunity to convey much deeper emotional messaging and detailed descriptions, compared to other digital ad formats. This makes your message much more memorable and allows you to build an emotional connection between your brand and your customers.

With the growing amount of digital media and shrinking attention spans, getting user attention is not such an easy task as it was before. High-quality video content does a great job with this, by including storytelling elements or a strong emotional message. Making video advertising a very powerful ad format and medium to connect with consumers.