Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile marketing is a no brainer for any digital media plan today. You have to target consumers where they consume content the most, which is on the mobile. Within the mobile ecosystem, mobile apps are a big category where consumers spend most time on.

Mobile app marketing is about interacting with your users through their entire brand lifecycle — from when they first hear about your mobile app, to when they become a regular user to a more loyal one. To effectively manage this, you need to figure out who will use your app, where to find these people, what to communicate to them, and what their needs are.

The typical way to think of mobile app usage amongst consumers is a sequence of stages, or “funnel”. There are many funnel stages, but shared below is the general sequence or flow.

Acquisition is the first step in a user’s interaction with your app. How do youy get users to know about your mobile app and download the app too

Activation is the next step. Activation differs from app to app, but generally, activation refers to a user’s first action within the app, such as adding their email address or making an initial purchase or providing some data

Retention is all about turning your app into a regular destination for your user. Where they use your app more often and is top of mind for them.

The funnel concept is useful as a model, though in reality users often go back and forth between stages.Or even get stuck at one stage and not move ahead or even un-install your app

Each stage requires different strategies and tactics, and each is required for a successful mobile app marketing strategy. Mobile app marketing is a useful ad format to connect with relevant audiences who are users of the mobile app and fit the profile of the customer base you are targeting for your product or service.