Web Design & User Experience

The Digital Platform is a critical element of a brand's digital marketing strategy. If you are a Services Business, Real Estate Company, ecommerce platform or even a Healthcare Provider, the first time a consumer connects or gets introduced to your brand is most likely online through the internet. This Consumer connect as part of their discovery process makes your web presence or product platform a very important digital asset. A well designed website that makes the user experience of browsing & search experience simple, finding and buying easy will always be more effective in converting customers efficiently. Making User Experience & Engagement a very important part of website development.

However, today many brands spend a lot of money on digital marketing but pay little attention to design, UI, content and user experience of their desktop and mobile website or their mobile app. Which can prove fatal over time. Detailed attention to product platform aspects like category structure, product listing and the payment process is also critical to better engagement and conversion of transacting customers or leads. At Webbutterjam, User experience and engagement on the website / product platform is very critical and forms an important step of our process before planning to execute any digital marketing. While we do not design websites or mobile apps ourselves, we work closely with the brand web designers and 3rd party design companies the brands have on board and guide them with relevant feedback, inputs and insights at every step of design. We also provide detailed product feedback for an existing website before we start any digital marketing campaign.

We use methods such as A/B Testing and conduct technical audits to gather data and to ensure that the web platforms are driving the maximum number of visitors to engage with the brand’s products and services. Ultimately, Conversion Rate Optimization helps us in getting the most out of the paid advertising, organic search and other campaigns which also helps the brand move towards the targeted success metric goals such as desired cost per acquisition. Conversion Rate optimization is a very data driven scientific process that over a period of time helps in finding the optimal experience that resonates with the customers thereby increasing ROI.

Web design and user experience aspects of the website & mobile app requires continuous improvement basis changing consumer behavior and preferences. Product insights need to be analysed by looking at data across digital assets of the brand. At Webbutterjam, we provide constant feedback and use insights at every stage the brand goes through thereby helping and maximizing the effectiveness of all digital marketing we do. All of which also results in better User Experience and Engagement for the brand !