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Today , increasingly the first time people are consuming the internet is on the mobile phone. All thanks to the high penetration of mobile in India and declining cost of smartphones . Mobile Internet is seeing tremendous growth, with mobile devices today in hands of all target segments of consumers. Globally, Mobile devices will overtake the Desktop / Laptop as the most used device to access the web .The launch of low cost smart phones and reduction in data costs has resulted in the explosive growth of consumers accessing the internet through a mobile phone. Given that mobile searches are growing faster then desktop searches, it is imperative that Mobile Pay Per click ( PPC ) forms an important part of a brand's digital marketing strategy and plan.

Mobile usage and consumption is different in many ways in how people search, buy or consume data as compared to the desktop. At Webbutterjam, we believe the mobile phone is the single most important driver of internet usage and commerce. We have the knowledge and expertise to effectively leverage the uniqueness of mobile search queries, the screen sizes of mobile devices and the various targeting options compared to the same activity on a desktop. Helping us devise optimum plans for mobile paid search marketing / Pay Per Click in sync with the rest of the digital marketing mix.

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